Our Services

Custom Web Development, Custom Website Design, Graphic Design, Ecommerce Development, Website Redesign, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Template Designing and Flash Action Scripting. Now let us offer you a brief look at each and every service that you can get from us.

Our Services

Mihila IT forward to build a long-term relationship with us. For all our clients as well as for those people looking forward to work with us we have tailored a range of customized services using best innovation and expertise to bring success to your outsourcing business.

Whether it is website design or graphic design or multimedia presentation, we offer you a number of allied services that will surely meet your individual requirements. In todays web world, when your website has become your prime identity you require to opt for expert help so that you would be able to kick off your brand building job for the growth of your organization. To mark your presence in the web, we combine all t ypes of specialized web development and web design needs that gives you maximum results.

Have a look at our cutting edge website services that includes Custom Web Development, Custom Website Design, Graphic Design, Ecommerce Development, Website Redesign, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Template Designing and Flash Action Scripting. Now let us offer you a brief look at each and every service that you can get from us.

  • Domain Name Registration

    Mihila IT Web Design will help you register your company or personal web domain (www.companyname.com), if necessary. If you haven’t already registered your domain name your first few choices may be taken, so consider having a list of acceptable alternatives ready. We are equally happy to work with you if you already have a domain name registered.

  • Web Hosting

    Once you have registered a domain name, you need a place to park it. A host typically charges a base price by the month or year for disk space and attached email, with optional extras such as databases and extra email accounts.

    We offer competitive hosting packages for our clients through a special partnership with jppeach.com. We are familiar with the setup of their servers and can therefore streamline the design & launch process by developing in an environment where we’ve already gotten all the kinks out. Alternatively we will be happy to set you up with the host of your choice provided they offer an acceptable platform for the site you have in mind. Or we can fully design your site and subsequently deliver it to the destination of your choice, by the method of your choice. [If there is a database involved or if the server is setup differently from ours, we will need access to your host in order to set that up.

  • Web Design

    We will work closely with you to compose a web site that is consistent with your company's history, yet takes advantage of todays technology. We believe that functionality and sleek design run hand in hand. With a little inginuity, the right design can give your customers the kind of satisfying experience that keeps them coming back for more.

  • Web Development

    We will work with you to find a solution that achieves your web site functionality goals. There are often several solutions to a given problem, ranging in price and efficiency from cheap and "does the job" to more cost and options than you needed, and everything in between. Let us know what your site needs to be able to do, and we will work with you to help you pick the best solution for your price range. We are not out to sell you more than you want.

    Typically, all website consists of text and numerous images. The introductory or the very first page of a website is called the Index or Home page. The other relevant web pages showcasing information like product and services, contact details, etc are also created. Website Development includes designing of Web sites, Web pages, Web applications (multimedia). The process of Website Development involves multiple disciplines, which includes animation, authoring of web pages, corporate identity,
    graphic design, communication design, information architecture, marketing, human-computer interaction, photography, interaction design, search engine optimization (SEO) and typography. A Web site can be either having static pages, or dynamic pages; where dynamic pages automatically adapt to content or visual appearance of the web page. The dynamism of the web page depends on factors, like end-user input, Webmaster input, changes in the computing environment, etc.

  • Multimedia

    Mihila IT has the resources to produce professional Video Design, Editing, Production, Voiceovers, Commercials, Flash Design & Development

    Our productions empower organisations to effectively communicate and promote their products and services and achieve unmatched business success !!

  • Database Development

    Dynamic web content is almost impossible without a database or two. We will be delighted to create tailored databases to suit your custom application needs, or to set up standard databases for more common requirements [customer data, inventory, form data].

    When setting up a database there are two “sets” of pages to keep in mind. There are the pages your customer uses that will dynamically change their content by querying the database interactively based on user input. Secondly, unless you have a database expert in-house, and usually even then, you will need a set of administration pages. These are the pages your employees will use to update the contents of the database by adding or deleting entries, and [if implemented] alter the shape of the database itself.

    Although the increased complexity makes database-driven web sites initially more costly than static ones, many businesses find the increased functionality well worth the additional hours required for implementation.

  • Maintenance

    Mihila IT Web Design is happy to support web sites that undergo continuous updates. Pricing will vary from contract to contract depending on the service agreement, but will always remain reasonable. If you anticipate frequently needing substantial updates, consider adding a database to minimize your long-term costs.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization, the three not so little words alone make the website owners panic for the simple reason, most of the time the subject wasn’t brought to the due attention of the client by the web designers and web developers in the beginning. To hammer the nail on the head, Search Engine Optimization begins with the web designing phase itself.

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